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Advanced Technology Courses

Technology is a constantly evolving minefield of new knowledge, best practices, and varying competencies. In this era of ever-changing and emerging new technologies, keeping your skills relevant is the key to staying in demand as an IT and business professional.

Learn how to navigate and emerge a pro in this game of change by keeping your skills current with Advanced Technology Courses offered by Trainocate Singapore.

IT professionals and organisations striving to be at the top of the innovation game can expect to benefit with our extensive portfolio covering a wide range of IT courses across Programming, Internet Security, Business Application, Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Business Training and more.

Learn from industry-certified practitioners on the latest development and programming tools like Angular, Docker, Kubernetes, Python and more!

With our versatile delivery methods to suit your varying needs, choose from classroom/on-premise training or opt for our live online virtual instructor-led training.

Python Programming I
The course is all about to learn the Python programming language. Its emphasis the core libraries and most useful libraries developed by the ...
Instructional Skills - Train The Trainer
Our Trainer the Trainer course is designed to equip aspiring trainers with the skills and knowledge they need to deliver effective and engag ...
Gen AI Fundamentals
The Artificial Intelligence Fundamentals course provides a comprehensive introduction to the basic principles and concepts of artificial int ...
Falcon Platform For Administrators
This course teaches individuals how to become proficient in the administration and management of the Falcon Platform, a cyber-security platf ...
The Power of Low Code/ No Code for Modern Automation
Low code/no code platforms allow non-technical users to create custom applications through a visual interface without writing code, increasi ...
Docker and Kubernetes for Infrastructure Professionals
This is a lecture and hands-on course designed for infrastructure professionals and covers core Docker and Kubernetes technologies. includin ...
GenAI - Build Intelligent Applications Using AWS Services
GenAI empowers developers to create intelligent applications effortlessly by harnessing the power of AWS services, enabling seamless integra ...
Introduction to Generative AI - Foundational
In this course, you will learn the fundamental concepts and architectures of generative models, such as GANs and VAEs, and how they can be u ...
Building & Deploying Generative AI Models
In this course, you will learn how to improve the accuracy and quality of generative models by using various prompts and choosing the right ...
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