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At times hectic schedules do not permit students to attend regular classroom training. For this reason, alternative methods or modalities are required to expedite learning. TRAINOCATE offers a variety of learning modalities to support the diverse needs of students and their organizations, including:


Training sessions will be held in a classroom setting for a face-to-face lesson with the trainer and students. All our classrooms are equipped with large digital screens, whiteboards, writing materials, and a stable WiFi connection for seamless and interactive classroom learning. Through our trainers and facilities, we aim to provide a practical learning environment to acquire new skills.

Virtual Classroom

Leveraging on the latest online meeting platforms such as Teams, Zoom, and WebEx, we are capable of extending training sessions remotely to our students at their convenience.


This option brings the added convenience of learning at the students’ own pace and schedule. This modality allows the student to access the educational curriculum by utilizing electronic devices via the internet.

Onsite Delivery

Organizations can enjoy the flexibility to train their internal teams at their preferred location and schedule. This option allows the team to learn better and discuss actual work scenarios with the trainer and solutions.
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