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Splunk, together with Trainocate, is offering trainings to encompass the various technologies within Splunk. Its mantra is on getting an individual or corporation the quickest possible start on relevant practical information to ensure flexibility and reduce down-time to a minimum.

The trainings will focus on the Splunk platform, Enterprise Security, IT Operations and Observability.

Splunk Search Expert Fast Start
This "Fast Start" course covers over 60 commands and functions and prepares students to be search experts.
Investigating Incidents with Splunk SOAR
This course prepares security practitioners to use SOAR to respond to security incidents.
Search Optimization
This course will cover how search modes affect performance, how to create an efficient basic search.
Data Models
This course will cover datasets, designing data models, using the Pivot editor, and accelerating data models.
Enriching Data with Lookups
This course will introduce lookup types and cover how to upload and define lookups, create automatic lookups, and use advanced lookup option ...
Creating Field Extractions
This course will cover when certain fields are extracted and how to use the FX to create regex and delimited field extractions.
Using Fields
This course will introduce how fields from other data sources can be used to enrich search results.
Creating Knowledge Objects
This course will cover types of knowledge objects, the search-time operation sequence, and the processes for creating event types, workflow ...
Dynamic Dashboards
This course focuses on creating inputs, chain searches, event annotations, and improving dashboard performance.
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