Trainocate recognized as the Best Training Partner of Google Cloud in Asia by winning the Google Cloud Regional ATP of the Year 2021 Award

Trainocate is pleased to announce that we have won the Google Cloud Regional ATP of the year 2021 in APAC at a conference held on 9th November 2022. Trainocate was recognized for our training performance which was highly acclaimed by learners we have trained. The award was based on our 2021 performance and achievements consistently fulfilling ATP requirements of CSAT score of more than 4.5, the number of learners and over 80% evaluation return rate.

In addition, two of Trainocate’s expert instructors were crowned Regional Trainer of the Year 2021.

Regional Trainer of the Year 2021 (APAC) Ardhan Pratama Yoga (PT. Trainocate Networks Indonesia) Ardhan has won this award in recognition of his exceptional deliveries, amazing customer survey scores, number of learners trained, customer centricity, and mastery of technical content.

Regional Trainer of the Year 2021 (Japan) Masato Koga (Trainocate Japan , Ltd.) Masato won this award in recognition of his exceptional deliveries across the Japan region, with many contributions through tailored and custom deliveries. He has been a key contributor to the success of our Japanese learning community.

We at Trainocate will continue to support our customers by innovating their businesses and accelerate digital transformations. We strive to elevate regional human resource development through our specialized IT training solutions with a strong team and valuable partnership as we continue to collaborate with the Google Cloud Platform.

About Trainocate Holdings

TRAINOCATE HOLDINGS is one of the most established IT and human capability development training providers in the Asia-Pacific region. With over 25 years of experience in 15 countries, Trainocate’s expertise lies in the purveyance of vendor-specific technologies and certifications, high-end IT solutions, advanced technology courses, customized and bespoke content as well as a robust portfolio of business and management skills. As a group, Trainocate strongly advocates the belief in empowering more than 110,000 individuals and organizations to embrace lifelong learning, along with acquiring digital skills to ensure competitiveness and survivability in a dynamic workplace.

Contact email: thailand@trainocate.com

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