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Google Cloud

Google Cloud is a platform that provides computing resources optimized for development and deployment of modern, containerized applications. Trainocate, an Authorized Training Provider of GCP (Google Cloud Platform), offers a range of training programs for enterprises and users alike to maximise the potential GCP offers in:

 1. Cloud infrastructure For IT professionals who are responsible for implementing, deploying, migrating, and maintaining applications in the cloud.

 2. Application development For application programmers and software engineers who develop software programs in the cloud.

 3. Data and ML For data professionals who are responsible for designing, building, analyzing, and optimizing big data solutions.

Architecting with Google Compute Engine
In this course, you'll learn how to deploy practical solutions such as secure interconnecting networks, customer-supplied encryption keys, s ...
Architecting with Google Kubernetes Engine
Learn how to deploy practical solutions including security and access management, resource management, and resource monitoring.
Google Cloud Platform Big Data and Machine Learning Fundamentals
This course showcases the ease, flexibility, and power of big data solutions on Google Cloud Platform.
Architecting with Google Cloud Platform: Infrastructure
This course introduces participants to the comprehensive and flexible infrastructure and platform services provided by Google Cloud Platform
From Data to Insights with Google Cloud Platform
The course features interactive scenarios and hands-on labs where participants explore, mine, load, visualize, and extract insights from div ...
Data Engineering on Google Cloud Platform
This course uses lectures, demos, and hand-on labs to show you how to design data processing systems, build end-to-end data pipelines, analy ...
Preparing for the Professional Cloud Architect Examination
The purpose of this course is to help those who are qualified develop confidence to attempt the exam, and to help those not yet qualified to ...
Google Cloud Certified Associate Cloud Engineer
This course provides an overview of Google Cloud Platform products and services. Through a combination of presentations, demos, and hands-on ...
Architecting with Google Cloud: Design and Process
This course equips you to build highly reliable and efficient solutions on Google Cloud Platform, using proven design patterns and the princ ...
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