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Splunk, together with Trainocate, is offering trainings to encompass the various technologies within Splunk. Its mantra is on getting an individual or corporation the quickest possible start on relevant practical information to ensure flexibility and reduce down-time to a minimum.

The trainings will focus on the Splunk platform, Enterprise Security, IT Operations and Observability.

Using Splunk Stream Processor Service (SPS)
This hands-on class provides the fundamentals of extending Splunk Cloud data ingestion options with a stream processing solution.
Using Choropleth
This course focuses on the specific data, components and formatting required to apply data to a geographic or custom vector map.
Dynamic Dashboards
This course focuses on creating inputs, chain searches, event annotations, and improving dashboard performance.
Introduction to Dashboards
This course focuses on dashboard creation, including prototyping, the dashboard definition, layouts types, adding visualizations, and dynami ...
Multivalue Fields
This course is for power users who want to become experts on searching and manipulating multivalue data.
Result Modification
In this course, students will learn how to use specific eval command functions to normalize fields and field values across multiple data sou ...
Correlation Analysis
Topics will focus on the transaction, append, appendcols, union, and join commands.
Comparing Values
This course will focus on using the comparison and conditional functions of the eval command, and using eval expressions with the field form ...
Leveraging Lookups and Subsearches
This course will focus on lookup commands and explore how to use subsearches to correlate and filter data from multiple sources
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