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ACT82004 - Alibaba Cloud RealTime Compute

Duration: 1.0 day

Realtime Compute offers a highly integrated platform for real-time data processing, which optimizes the computing of Apache Flink. With Realtime Compute, we are striving to deliver new solutions to help you upgrade your big data capabilities in your digital transformations. In this course, we will show you how to quickly start to user Realtime Compute, as well as the knowledge of the components of stream computing ecosystem like datahub, Apache Kafka and DataV.

  • Understand the advantages Alibaba Cloud steam computing engine
  • Understand the improvement of Realtime Compute over open source Apache Flink
  • Best practices for Alibaba stream computing applications

  • Distributed steam computing principles
  • Improvement of Realtime Compute over Apache Flink
  • Quick start of Realtime Compute
  • Applications of ecosystems: Datahub & DataV
  • Optimization
  • Best practices and pricing policy

Data Developers, Data analyst, Data scientist that are interested in Alibaba Cloud and Hadoop ecosystem.


ACA Big Data Certification

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