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YES, If you try searching Amazon for books about leadership, you’ll get over 60,000 results. So, you think “We do need 60,000 books about it? All in all, we know what leadership is, right?”

NO, we don’t. Good news is that, following below steps, asking yourself and contacting with Trainocate, you will take your career to next level this year:


1.    Using these steps

Based on a book "Leadership and Performance Beyond Expectations" written by Bernard M. Bass about the concept of transformational leadership, there are four essential roles leaders should involve to lead their team:

Creates an inspiring vision of the future: If you're developing a vision for your team, start with the company's mission and vision, and explore the ways in which your team can contribute directly to it.

Manage delivery of the vision: you'll need to combine effective project management with sensitive change management. This will help you deliver the changes you need with the full support of your teammates.

Motivates and inspires people to engage with that vision: Transformational leaders have to know about the different kinds of motivation, and use these to inspire your people to deliver their best.

Use business storytelling as part of your call to action.

Then, talk about your vision often. Connect it to member's goals and tasks to give it context, and help them see how they can contribute to it.

Coaches and builds an effective team: As a transformational leader, you need to work constantly to build relationships, earn trust, and help your people grow as individuals.

2.    Now, right time to ask yourself to be a professional learder

What career am I meant for?

Which roles am I most confident filling?

Which roles do I need to fill more often or more comfortably?

Which process should I follow to achieve those roles?

3.    Your next step


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