Spend a day on the AWS technical essentials online course at Trainocate, you will have more basic understanding of cloud computing, storage, and networking on the AWS platform.
1. Course overview
Duration: 1 day
AWS technical essentials online course is a short-term online course, also known as the AWS technical essentials course - AWS technical essentials - With content introducing learners about products, services and solutions. general solutions of AWS. The course provides the fundamentals for better understanding and realizing AWS services. As a result, you have the knowledge you need to make more accurate decisions about the right technology solution for your business, and decide to start working on AWS.
Course objective AWS technical essentials online
Identify AWS platform terms and concepts and learn how to use the AWS Management Console (AWS Management Console).
Understand basic services, including EC2 Flexible Compute Services, VPC Virtual Isolated Cloud Provisioning Services, S3 Object Storage Services, and EBS Mass Storage
Understand the security measures AWS provides to users, and core areas of Access Management Feature (IAM) knowledge
Understand AWS Database Services, including RDS Relational Database Service and DynamoDB Non-Relational Database Service
- Understand AWS management tools, including Auto Scaling - Auto Scaling Engine, Amazon CloudWatch - Resource and Application Tracking Services, Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) - Traffic Load Balancing, and AWS Trusted Advisor - Real-time guidance tool
Course content AWS technical essentials online
- Overview and development history of AWS
- Basic services of AWS: EC2, VPC, S3, EBS
AWS Security, Access Management (IAM)
Database services of AWS: RDS, DynamoDB
Management tools on AWS: Auto Scaling, CloudWatch, Elastic Load Balancing, Trusted Advisor
Participants of the course
This AWS technical essentials online course focuses on:
- Individuals responsible for providing customers with information about the technological benefits of AWS services
- Individuals interested in learning to use AWS Individuals
- SysOps administrators, Solution architects and developers interested in using AWS services.
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