Cloud computing software is an application of technology that is not too unfamiliar to today's consumers. The advent of cloud computing has marked a great development in the field of information technology, bringing many unexpected benefits to users. In the article below, let us learn more about this novel and modern software, especially to answer the question: which cloud computing model is the most secure?
Learn about the AWS cloud
Cloud computing (also known abroad as cloud computing) is known as a model of cloud computing, applying computer technologies during use and development based on Internet platform. "Cloud" in the phrase "cloud computing" refers to the Internet network, depending directly on their layout in the computer network system.
The history of the cloud computing is not long, but it has created a great resonance, is an important turning point, marking the great development of computer technology and information technology.
In addition, the cloud computing software contributed to this model being replicated and widely used in all fields.
The most prominent in the cloud computing is AWS Cloud (short for Amazon Web Services), which is the most reputable, reliable on-demand software provider on the market today. AWS Cloud provides more than 175 services, fully equipped with features from different data centers around the world.
Not only that, AWS Cloud has also built a huge system of customers and partners. Customers using cloud computing software provided by AWS Cloud are up to millions of people, from multinational and multi-sector. With flexible pricing and excellent service quality, even businesses, small and medium-sized companies prefer to use AWS Cloud services.
Learn about Google Cloud
If you are familiar with cloud computing, surely you can not ignore Google Cloud. This is an application provided by Google that is also a service under the cloud computing model.
The platform that uses Google Cloud is similar to the infrastructure that Google uses internally for end-user products. Not only acting as a manager, Google Cloud is considered as an excellent service of cloud computing software, providing a variety of cloud modules, which can be mentioned as computing, store and analyze customer data, machine learning, ...
Google Cloud was first launched on the market on April 7, 2008 and immediately made a good impression on the users, which was widely popularized in all countries.
According to the assessment, Google Cloud in particular and cloud computing software in general help customers work and manage in a smarter and more scientific way, thoroughly solving problems that are still facing many difficulties before. Google Cloud is especially useful for business owners, CEOs, companies, ...
Google Cloud has contributed to building a modern, quality cloud computing model, applying many modern science and technology in the use process. Besides, with more than 90 products listed under the brand Google Cloud, you will be amazed and amazed at this smart technology application. Famous products can be mentioned such as compute, storage and database, network, management tools, identity and security, ...
Compare cloud software Google and Amazon
AWS Cloud and Google Cloud are the two most famous cloud computing software service providers on the market today. Each unit has its own strengths and characteristics, suitable for different types of customers.
Founded in 2006, 2 years before Google Cloud, AWS has built a stronger and more developed market. Therefore, this is also the unit that attracts many people to do it, becoming the target and dream of most of you pursuing information technology, computer technology.
AWS Cloud has certain difficulties compared to operating, Google Cloud requires high level of technical skills and skills. However, the values ??you receive are completely worth the effort, time and money you spent.
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Compare cloud software Google and Amazon

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