AWS is a certification that any software engineer should have. This certificate serves as a diploma that recognizes you have enough knowledge to be ready to practice. So what is AWS certification? What do you know about this type of certification?
1. About Amazon Web Services
To know what an AWS certificate means, you need to understand AWS. AWS stands for Amazon Web Services, a cloud service developed by Amazon. One of the largest cloud services available today, in direct competition with Microsoft's Azure.
AWS provides users with a comprehensive platform with databases, storage systems, computations, ... They are presented as services for you to deploy software systems quickly and efficiently. than.
As a system with many such large services, to meet the needs of using and storing global data, it is required that those who directly operate it must ensure they have full knowledge and skills. As a result, Amazon requires AWS developers to have at least one certificate, called an AWS certificate.
That is to say, AWS has not only one type of certificate but more, specifically 3 certificates, including:
- Certificate of design (AWS Certified Solutions Architect): Certificate for engineers working with the unit's system.
- Certificate in development (AWS Certified Developer): For programmers.
- AWS Certified SysOps Administrator (AWS Certified SysOps Administrator): For system operators.
In which, the AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate certificate is the most common and basic certificate. In addition, each certificate will also have 2 basic and expert levels.
2. Why should you get AWS certification?
For engineers working with cloud systems, owning a most basic AWS certificate like AWS Certified Solutions Architect (AWSSA-A) also gives you an overview of services. You are systematized and clearly defined the do's and don'ts in the cloud-based system building process.
Not only that, but AWS certification also helps you with many other things such as:
- General knowledge not only about AWS but also other best practices (worst practices).
- Create a beautiful profile with more opportunities at work.
- Help companies have the opportunity to join APN (Amazon Partners Network).
- Knowledge of solving problems, reducing costs, increasing efficiency, ...
It can be seen that the AWS certification exam will bring a lot of convenience at work. Of course, you will spend time and enthusiasm to acquire knowledge. Because of the extremely wide amount of AWS knowledge, with 3 consecutive exams. In cover period, you have to learn all about services. But in return, you will have broad knowledge, know a lot, make it easier. But where is the prestigious AWS certification exam?
3. What does Trainocate bring you?
Learning and taking the AWS exam is never easy, especially when you have to learn a comprehensive set of knowledge. Finding a quality training site, professional, helping you navigate knowledge faster and more easily is extremely necessary. Trainocate is one such site.
Trainocate is a leading company in providing IT training and soft skills services for businesses. With customers being global businesses such as India, Thailand, Japan, the United States, Indonesia, Vietnam, China, Hong Kong, ..
Trainocate offers many different science and technology, including science and AWS certification exam preparation. Trainocate is a leading global hub in AWS certification training, directly authorized by Amazon.
Therefore, you will receive AWS training and certification directly by Trainocate. With a qualified certification, you have the skills needed to design, deploy, operate and apply on your AWS system.
Especially, when choosing the AWS certificate exam course of Trainocate, you will be:
- Owning a valuable collection of Courseware documents, authorized from AWS. Materials are continuously updated with new versions for 720 days to help students always grasp the latest knowledge.
- Learn and practice with Hand-on labs system. A Qwick labs system commissioned by AWS corresponds to the content of the trained modules.
- Especially, each student is taught directly by AWS Authorized Instructor - AAI, an AWS certified instructor. They are all qualified and allowed by AWS to deploy the AWS standard authorized training courses in Vietnam.
After each training course authorized by AWS, trainees not only have a practicing certificate and a solid knowledge. Learners can also fully be ready for real combat. At the same time, it helps you to increase the value, increase future career opportunities.
For more detailed information of the courses, you can directly visit the website https://trainocate.com/vn/ or contact Trainocate directly to

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