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1O312G - IBM OpenPages Administration (v 7.3)


Duration: 1.0 day

This course teaches IBM OpenPages GRC Platform administrators how to create and use Questionnaires, about configuring profiles, security rules, adding object types, field groups and definitions, custom security and configuring and maintaining reporting functions. 


Administrators will learn to implement and support the GRC solution


  • Questionnaire processes 
  • Librarian processes 
  • Program Owner process 
  • Asset Owner process 
  • Administrative Tasks 
  • User Accounts 
  • Role Templates 
  • Folder security 
  • Security context points 
  • Object Access 
  • Cross-Folder associations 
  • Organizational Groups 
  • Define security rules 
  • OpenPages action privileges 
  • Record level security rule types 
  • Best Practices 
  • Limitations 
  • Business use cases 
  • Adding a new object type 
  • Adding a new Field Group 
  • Filed Data Types 
  • Filed Display Types 
  • Adding a New Field Definition 
  • Using Custom Security 
  • Completing the Use Case 
  • Adding a new profile 
  • Reverse AFCON 
  • AFCON 
  • Adding Object Types to a Profile 
  • Including Fields in a profile 
  • Configuring the nine OpenPages views 
  • Adding reporting fragments to views


IBM OpenPages GRC Platform Application Administrators


  • IBM OpenPages: Core Team Fundamentals or previous OpenPages experience.
  • Experience using basic browser functionality



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