6A322G - IBM Safer Payments Hands-On SysOps Training (v6.3)

IBM Safer Payments is an innovative real-time payment fraud prevention and detection solution for all cashless payment types. In this course, System Administrator that will be involved in any aspect of deploying, customizing, and implementing the Safer Payment solution will get a hands-on overview of the product. Students will get an understanding of how to install, configure, and setup the system as well as an overview about Cluster Management and Monitoring Safer Payments. This course focuses on topics for System Admins who manage Safer Payments.

Code: 6a322g

Duration: 3.0 days

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  • Introduction to Safer Payments Architecture 
  • Install Safer Payments and create service scripts 
  • Introduction to system configuration 
  • Examine mandator concept 
  • Introduction to user accounts and user roles 
  • Examine data import
  • Introduction to modelling concept 
  • Create a model for processing authorization transactions 
  • Simulate and test rules 
  • Invoke python callouts 
  • Export and import PMML models, and enable sampling techniques 
  • Introduction to Safer Payments rulegenerator 
  • Introduction to compliance list 
  • Introduction to reports in Safer Payments 
  • Introduction to Safer Payments case management


Introduction to Safer Payments Architecture 

  • Examine cluster concept
  • Safer Payments Interfaces
  • Failover concept Install Safer Payments and create service scripts

Install and set up a cluster of 3 Safer Payments instances

  • Log in to Safer Payments user interface
  • Start instances interactively
  • Create service scripts to start Safer Payments instances 

Introduction to system configuration

  • Examine Safer Payments various system configuration settings
  • Set or modify settings 

Examine mandator concept

  • Examine message computation flow
  • Update existing mandator settings
  • Add new sub mandators into the hierarchy 

Introduction to user accounts and user roles

  • Define new roles
  • Examine user account settings
  • Create new user accounts and assign a role 

Examine data import

  • Create Messages, Mappings, and Job scheduler to prepare import of data
  • Configure and import masterdata as well as transaction data
  • Send messages via online real-time interface 

Introduction to modelling concept

  • Understand challenger and champion concept
  • Examine model components
  • Understand modelling workflow
  • Review indexes and sequences 

Create a model for processing authorization transactions

  • Create some fraud prevention rules manually
  • Step through the various elements to create and promote new rules
  • Examine profiling techniques
  • Create Rules using profiling attributes
  • Run investigation queries 

Simulate and test rules

  • Configure data set for simulation
  • Configure Analyses
  • Run a simulation
  • Examine Rule statistics 

Invoke python callouts

  • Load Python scripts
  • Invoke python function in preprocessing rules
  • Use python function in rules
  • Test function in simulation environment 

Export and import PMML models, and enable sampling techniques

  • Export data of Safer Payments
  • Import PMML files to ingest externally created models within Safer Payments
  • Start simulation for a PMML model analysis
  • Examine analyses results
  • Activate and use sampling techniques 

Introduction to Safer Payments rulegenerator

  • Examine semi-automatic rule generation with Safer Payments
  • Understand how rule generator is slicing data to find rules 

Introduction to compliance list

  • Examine difference between real-time and adhoc checks
  • Create a blacklist and add entries
  • Test the created blacklist 

Introduction to reports in Safer Payments

  • Examine Transaction and Investigation Reports
  • Create various Reports Introduction to Safer Payments case management
  • Examine Case Investigation workflows and working queues
  • Create case close codes and case states
  • Define a case workflow
  • Create a case and push it to the next case state in the workflow


IBM Safer Payments users (System Administrators), IBM Lab experts, and IBM Buisiness Partners.


  • Must be familiar with Unix command line navigation and configuration actions 
  • Some familiarity with payment processing systems 
  • Familiarity with the concepts of clustering and network/firewall topics 
  • Familiarity and comfort with troubleshooting and problem determination processes



Course Benefits

  • Career growth
  • Broad Career opportunities
  • Worldwide recognition from leaders
  • Up-to Date technical skills
  • Popular Certification Badges

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