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NetApp Certification Training Courses

NetApp's cloud strategy is focused on allowing customers to procure public cloud resources transparently and move workloads across clouds (either public or private) seamlessly. NetApp promotes the sale of traditional storage to IT organizations for deployment in on-premises private clouds but increasingly facilitates adoption of public cloud file storage resources via its Cloud Volumes portfolio. Today they are focused in unlocking the best of cloud by partnering with the world’s biggest cloud providers.

NetApp Certification & Training provides industry validation of your skills as a NetApp technical professional. Get NetApp-certified to demonstrate your expertise, gain a competitive edge, build your resume, and step up to new opportunities.

Trainocate's NetApp Online Training will enable you to prepare for a career in becoming a NetApp Professional. Further, you will be working on real-world projects and case studies to get hands-on experience. So, jump-start your career in NetApp, the No.1 global leader in hybrid Cloud Data Services. Train with Trainocate and build, maintain and validate your skillset with a NetApp certification.

ONTAP 9.10 ONTAP Cluster Administration and Data Protection Bundle
It teaches basic administration tasks of an ONTAP cluster, concepts & techniques for protecting data in ONTAP systems & cloud-based, MetroCl ...
sanimp USD 1,500
ONTAP SAN Implementation v9.8
In this workshop, you learn how to connect Windows® and Linux® hosts to NetApp® SANs via FC and iSCSI protocols.
dataprot9 USD 900
ONTAP Data Protection Administration 9.12
This course describes some of the key concepts and techniques for protecting data in NetApp ONTAP system.
inthcdf USD 1,500
Integrating Hybrid Clouds with Amazon Web Services
In this course, you will learn how to implement a hybrid cloud solution using the NetApp Data Fabric. In the hybrid cloud solution, you lear ...
ontap9adm USD 1,400
ONTAP Cluster Administration 9.12
In this course, you learn the basic administration tasks of a NetApp® ONTAP® 9.12 cluster.
Integrating Hybrid Clouds with Google Cloud
Integrating hybrid clouds with Google Cloud enables organizations to optimize their cloud infrastructure for greater flexibility, scalabilit ...
ONTAP Cluster Foundations 9.12
ONTAP Cluster Foundations is a storage solution developed by NetApp that provides high-performance, scalable, and reliable data management f ...
ONTAP SAN Administration v9.8
This course helps you learn about configuring ONTAP 9 Data Management Software for a SAN environment. The course provides information about ...
perfcdot USD 1,350
ONTAP Performance Analysis
This course provides knowledge and skills that you need to collect and analyze system performance data from NetApp storage systems that are ...
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