AZ-1002 - Configure secure access to your workloads using Azure networking

In this learning path, you practice configuring secure access to workloads using Azure networking.

Code: az-1002

Duration: 1.0 day

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  • Describe Azure virtual network features and components.
  • Identify features and usage cases for subnets and subnetting.
  • Identify usage cases for private and public IP addresses.
  • Create a virtual network and assign IP address.
  • Identify usage cases and product features of Azure Virtual Network peering.
  • Configure your network to implement Azure VPN Gateway for transit connectivity.
  • Extend peering by using a hub and spoke network with user-defined routes and service chaining.
  • Identify the routing capabilities of an Azure virtual network
  • Configure routing within a virtual network
  • Deploy a basic network virtual appliance
  • Configure routing to send traffic through a network virtual appliance
  • Configure Azure DNS to host your domain.
  • Determine when to use network security groups.
  • Create network security groups.
  • Implement and evaluate network security group rules.
  • Describe the function of application security groups.
  • Explain how Azure Firewall and Azure Firewall Manager work together to protect Azure virtual networks.
  • Evaluate whether Azure Firewall is the right solution to protect your Azure virtual networks from malicious incoming and outgoing traffic.
  • Evaluate whether Azure Firewall Premium is the right solution to protect your Azure virtual networks from malicious incoming and outgoing traffic.
  • Evaluate whether Azure Firewall Manager is the right solution for deploying policies across multiple firewalls.
  • Identify and describe use cases for Azure Firewall and Azure Firewall Manager.
  • Create and configure virtual networks
  • Create and configure network security groups (NSGs)
  • Create and configure Azure Firewall
  • Configure network routing
  • Create DNS zones and configure DNS settings


1. Configure virtual networks

Learn to configure virtual networks and subnets, including IP addressing.

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2. Configure Azure Virtual Network peering

Learn to configure an Azure Virtual Network peering connection and address transit and connectivity concerns.

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3. Manage and control traffic flow in your Azure deployment with routes

Learn how to control Azure virtual network traffic by implementing custom routes.

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4. Host your domain on Azure DNS

Create a DNS zone for your domain name. Create DNS records to map the domain to an IP address. Test that the domain name resolves to your web server.

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5. Configure network security groups

Learn how to implement network security groups, and ensure network security group rules are correctly applied.

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6. Introduction to Azure Firewall

Describe how Azure Firewall protects Azure Virtual Network resources, including the Azure Firewall features, rules, deployment options, and administration with Azure Firewall Manager.

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7. Guided Project - Configure secure access to workloads with Azure virtual networking services

In this module, you practice configuring secure access to workloads using Azure virtual networking. The lab combines both learning and hands-on practice.

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Please review the prerequisites listed for each module in the course content and click on the provided links for more information.



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