What is Experiential Learning?

To keep up with the demands of the ever-evolving technologies in today’s fast-paced world, it is essential to equip oneself with the right tools and services to achieve these goals. This is where Experiential Learning excels by providing learners with an open field for exploration and evaluation. With Trainocate's Experiential Learning Program, you can future-proof your skillsets against the complex challenges of ever-evolving technologies and avoid being rudimentary.


Why Experiential Learning?

Experiential learning is a powerful way of learning. It gives a much deeper understanding and much longer retention. It helps bridge the gap between the acquisition of theoretical knowledge and the generation of skills through active participation in learning. Especially when it is applied in a team-based learning setting.

Why does experiential learning differ from traditional learning methods?


Learners are encouraged to manage their learning rather than being told what to do.


Learning does not necessarily only take place in classrooms or by reading.


Learners actively participate in the learning process and knowledge flows in various directions.


The theory is accompanied by hands-on labs and real-world use cases.


After training, resources are tested on industry-ready use cases, and job readiness is guaranteed.

The four phases of experiential learning


The experiential learning approach in 8 steps


How do you benefit from experiential learning?

  • Enhanced RoI on training investments
  • Project Readiness
  • 100% aligned with industry – The curriculum is aligned with real-life use cases and customer situations
  • Better Pass % in Certification Exams
  • Attain role-based competencies and specializations
  • Outcome-based – Resources get ready to be deployed

Customer Testimonials


Trainocate helped us in designing an experiential training program by creating custom hands-on lab environments, providing SME support, continuous monitoring of learners, posting scenario-based questions with regular tests, and evaluation of learners via SME.

This entire experience helped our learners gain comprehensive knowledge and become project-ready.

Thank you to the Trainocate team for being our training and learning partner.

Best Regards,

Sulaxman Kaja,

Sr.Manager, Cloud Training.


Deloitte India Consulting Artificial Intelligence & Data Analytics partnered with Trainocate to deliver the unique upskilling program we designed for our advanced analytics practitioners. Trainoactes approach to delivering the experiential learning program which involved real-time case studies on various industries with huge data sets coupled with expert SME support to the practitioners, was a huge success. Trainocate successfully managed training and delivery by conducting examinations and qualitative weekly publishing trackers, giving us the confidence to progress in our learning.

Warn Regards,

Praveen Panikkassery

Director, AI & Data Analytics

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25 Hours of Playground Labs usage spread over one month


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25 Hours of Playground Labs usage and 25 hours of Projects spread over one month

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