MS-080T00 - Employee Experience Platform Specialist

In this course, you'll learn how to bring people together to create an optimal employee experience that enables your organization to improve productivity, develop empathetic leadership, and transform how employees feel about their work. In your organization today, are people being treated well, or are their needs neglected? Are your teams aligned on goals with a sense of purpose? Are you driving the business outcomes that you need?

The Microsoft Viva employee experience platform provides the infrastructure to create the culture of trust, collaboration, well-being, and active listening that you envision. This training course will provide Microsoft Employee Experience Platform Specialists with a comprehensive overview of Microsoft Viva, as well as Microsoft 365, Teams, and SharePoint. It will cover how to identify requirements for designing experiences for employee onboarding, career and skill development, rewards and recognition, compensation and benefits, employee wellbeing, and employee retention.

It will also cover how to design solutions to meet these requirements, and how to collaborate with senior executive leadership, human resources, IT, adoption and change management, and learning and organizational development departments. Finally, it will cover how to continuously improve employee experiences based on data-driven insights and feedback.

Code: ms-080t00

Duration: 1.0 day

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  • Evaluate existing systems and identify requirements
  • Identify stakeholders and users
  • Recommend employee experience solutions and strategies
  • Describe the four experience areas of Connection, Growth, Purpose, and Insights supported by Viva.
  • Explain what Microsoft Viva apps are.
  • Identify resources needed to set up each Viva app.
  • Create an adoption plan to use Viva to solve business scenarios for the four-employee experience areas of Connection, Insight, Purpose, and Growth.
  • Describe the main features of Viva Connections
  • List technical requirements/prerequisites for Viva Connections implementation
  • Explain the differences between desktop and mobile experiences
  • Identify 2-3 business use cases for Viva Connections
  • Identify key stakeholders for the deployment of Viva Connections
  • Align and prioritize scenarios for Viva Connections
  • Plan and design for the Dashboard, the Feed, and Resources by scenarios and audiences
  • Consider how your organization will scale adoption
  • Assess your organization's existing learning experiences.
  • Plan and strategize for Viva Learning.
  • Coordinate the implementation of Viva Learning.
  • Recommend an adoption strategy for Viva Learning.
  • Manage permissions and content sources for Viva Learning.
  • Manage SharePoint as a content source.
  • Build a new featured set of content in Viva Learning.
  • Identify core team and business stakeholders
  • Assess existing employee productivity and wellbeing solutions
  • Define goals and target scenarios
  • Coordinate setup and configuration of Viva Insights
  • Understand best practices for communication and adoption planning
  • Explain what Viva Glint is
  • Describe the key benefits of using Viva Glint
  • List how users can benefit from using Viva Glint
  • Identify survey types and how they can support engagement
  • Get started with Viva Glint
  • Describe Viva Glint and what differentiates us
  • Define People Success, Viva Glint’s definition of modern engagement
  • Explain how leaders can take action to create a People Success organization
  • Define the key components of an OKR and articulate how they fit together in the OKR framework.
  • Identify the five OKR Superpowers and how to leverage them.
  • Explain best practices for getting started with OKRs and Viva Goals, including key phases of change management.
  • Define the role of an OKR Champion
  • Name and describe the four key responsibilities of an OKR Champion.
  • Identify three strategies for effective communication.
  • Identify the three timeframes for sending out resources and where to find these resources.


1. Design digital employee experiences

Bring people together to create an optimal employee experience that enables your organization to improve productivity, develop empathetic leadership, and transform how employees feel about their work. Viva provides the infrastructure to create the culture of trust, collaboration, well-being, and active listening that you envision.

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2. Introduction to the Microsoft Viva suite

The Microsoft Viva suite is a suite of employee experience apps that can be used individually or combined to meet your organization’s needs. In this module, understand the Microsoft Viva experiences, learn the main features of each Viva app, the processes to get started with Viva, and how Viva apps can help you connect employees, foster productivity and well-being with insights, align work with goals, and support learning and growth.

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3. Introduction to Viva Connections

Viva Connections is built on your current Microsoft 365 ecosystem to provide tailored employee experiences. Learn the main components of Viva Connections, what users experience with it, when to use Viva Connections, and its technical requirements.

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4. Plan for Viva Connections

Thoughtful planning is the beginning of the successful deployment of Viva Connections. Learn how to set up your intranet environment to meet technical requirements, and how to build a team of stakeholders to conduct a needs assessment for Viva Connections. Then learn how to use the needs assessment results to plan the Dashboard cards, Feed, and Resources. Lastly, learn how to plan for the launch.

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5. Design skilling and growth experiences with Viva Learning

In this module, you'll gain a clear sense of the functions, benefits, and parameters of Viva Learning and how to set it up. You'll see the key steps for rolling out and maintaining momentum for your new learning and development trajectory supported by the Viva Learning solution, and all the roles needed are listed and described.

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6. Guided Project - Create featured set of content in Viva Learning

In this project, you'll be configuring different content providers for Viva Learning and creating a featured set of content to help educate learners about updated safety practices and guidelines at Tailwind Traders.

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7. Design productivity and wellbeing experiences with Viva Insights

Microsoft Viva Insights empowers individuals, teams, and organizations to build better work habits, achieve balance, and improve business outcomes with personalized insights and recommended actions. This module includes our recommended best practices to help you get immediate value from Viva Insights.

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8. Introduction to Microsoft Viva Glint

This module describes Viva Glint, how organizations can utilize the application to fuel engagement and business success, and how users across the organization interact with it.

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9. Get to Know Viva Glint’s Approach to Modern Engagement

This module will explain how Viva Glint delivers immediate visibility into the total employee experience with organization-wide surveys and recommended actions to improve engagement and business results.

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10. Learn OKR essentials with Viva Goals

Learn the key components of OKRs, their framework, and the benefits they provide to users in various roles.

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11. Role of an OKR Champion

Learn about your role as an OKR Champion, how to communicate effectively and what resources are available to set you and your team up for success.

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Learners taking this course are interested in employee experiences or Microsoft Viva and want to learn how to assess, plan, strategize, design, and manage digital employee experiences that use Microsoft Viva, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and Power Platform. A learner in this role will collaborate with multiple teams to scope, design, and implement new digital employee experiences, such as onboarding, career and skill development, rewards and recognition, employee wellbeing, and employee retention.

Learners should have a foundational understanding of Microsoft technologies, including Microsoft 365, Teams, SharePoint, and a deep understanding of Microsoft Viva features and capabilities. They may have experience in one or more of the following disciplines: human resources, people development, change management, information technology, or culture development.


Please review the prerequisites listed for each module in the course content and click on the provided links for more information.



Course Benefits

  • Career growth
  • Broad Career opportunities
  • Worldwide recognition from leaders
  • Up-to Date technical skills
  • Popular Certification Badges

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