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Trend Micro Authorized Training Centers provide superior training to Trend Micro customers, from novice users to seasoned professionals. Whether you are dealing with targeted attacks affecting business continuity or the evolving security issues related to BYOD and virtualization; the threat landscape is constantly transforming. Trend Micro Authorized Training Centers currently deliver Trend Micro’s official curriculum on Trend Micro Deep Security and OfficeScan. No matter what your background may be, be confident that Trend Micro Authorized Centers will provide comprehensive curriculum s to address the range of technical proficiencies you need.

Deep Security 20 Training for Certified Professionals
Learn how to deploy and manage a Trend Micro Deep Discovery threat protection solution using Deep Discovery Inspector, Deep Discovery Analyz ...
Apex One™ Training For Certified Professionals
Learn how to use Trend Micro Apex One, get understanding of basic architecture, protection functionality, deployment scenarios, and trouble ...
Deep Discovery Advanced Threat Detection 4.0 Training For Certified Professionals
Learn to keep the hackers at bay by learning how to plan, deploy, and manage Trend Micro deep discovery threat solutions from trainocate, au ...
TippingPoint Security Solutions 1.0 Training for Certified Professionals
This course teaches the concepts and best practices necessary for installation, configuration, security management, and system administratio ...
Vision One XDR Training for Certified Professionals
VISION ONE™ XDR TRAINING FOR CERTIFIED PROFESSIONALS is a comprehensive program designed to equip professionals with the knowledge and skill ...
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