ATC-ISC - Instructional Skills - Train The Trainer

The goal of this course is to enhance your basic teaching techniques. You will acquire a broad range of necessary knowledge and become able to put it into practice in order to provide high-quality training as a trainer.

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Duration: 4.0 days

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As more specific objectives, the course is intended to give you the skills of:

  • Adopting the principles of adult learning;
  • Setting a learning goal and formulating a teaching plan;
  • Utilizing techniques for improving learning effectiveness (questioning, receiving and answering questions, using specific examples/analogies, etc.);
  • Creating and making the most effective use of audiovisual aids; and
  • Managing time and trainees.


Module 1: Before Getting Started

  • Self-introduction
  • Setting Individual Goals

Module 2: Adult Learning

  • Differences between Child Learning and Adult Learning
  • Principles of Learning
  • Feedback

Module 3: Learning Goal

  • What Is a Learning Goal?
  • Reasons Why Setting a Learning Goal Is Important
  • Elements of a Learning Goal

Module 4: Teaching Methods

  • Memory Retention
  • What Are Teaching Methods?
  • Points to Consider When Selecting a Teaching Method
  • Points of Attention When Using Teaching Method
  • How to Give Instructions

Module 5: Teaching Strategy

  • What Is a Teaching Strategy?
  • Elements of a Teaching Strategy
  • Reasons Why a Teaching Strategy Is Useful
  • Planning of a Teaching Strategy

Module 6: How to Proceed with Training

  • Roles of the trainer
  • Preparation of a learning environment
  • How to Start Training
  • Effective Planning of a Lecture
  • How to Improve the Delivery of Lectures

Module 7: Specific Examples and Analogies

  • Reasons Why Specific Examples and Analogies Should Be Used
  • What Are Specific Examples?
  • What Are Analogies?

Module 8: Effective use of Questioning

  • What Is Questioning?
  • Objectives of Questioning
  • Effective Questioning
  • Types of Questioning
  • Questioning Techniques

Module 9: Receiving and Answering Questions

  • Receiving and Answering Questions and Its Effects
  • Problems Associated with Receiving and Answering Questions
  • How to Receive Questions
  • How to Answer Questions

Module 10: Audiovisual Aids

  • Audiovisual Aids and Their Effects
  • Points to Consider When Selecting an Audiovisual Aids
  • Points of Attention When Preparing Audiovisual Aids
  • Points of Attention When Using Audiovisual Aids
  • How to Use Audiovisual Aids

Module 11: Presentation Exercise

  • Guidance for the Final Presentation
  • Rehearsal and Preparation
  • Feedback Sheet

Module 12: Resolving Problems During Training

  • Time Management
  • How to Deal with Difficult Trainees

Module 13: Wrap-up

  • Review of the Whole Training
  • Identification of Skills You Want to Strengthen


Prospective Instructor or Lecturer to develop and hone their instructional skill




Trainocate's Certified Instructor

Course Benefits

  • Career growth
  • Broad Career opportunities
  • Worldwide recognition from leaders
  • Up-to Date technical skills
  • Popular Certification Badges

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