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At times hectic schedules do not permit students to attend regular classroom training. For this reason, alternative methods or modalities are required to expedite learning. TRAINOCATE offers a variety of learning modalities to support the diverse needs of students and their organizations, including:


A traditional classroom setting where the instruction is typically provided in a lecture format which allows for increased knowledge transfer, real-time feedback, question and answers, and hands-on labs.

Virtual Classroom

We have leveraged on the latest video and virtual technologies to extend the classroom to our students. Through the utilization of TelePresence and WebEx systems, we have the capabilities to provide a near-classroom experience, remotely, to your current location.


This option brings the added convenience of learning at the students’ own pace and at their point of need. This modality allows a student to access educational curriculum by utilizing electronic technologies via the internet.

Onsite Delivery

This is a flexible and cost-effective option that enables organizations to train single or entire teams or departments at their own location. Preferred arrangements can be made to expedite learning with minimal downtime and increased efficiency.
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