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Attend SAP authorized training through Trainocate Indonesia. Be an expert business user, ABAP, BASIS or Consultant and learn to run simple in the digital economy.

Value of SAP training and certifications:
  1. Improved job performance
  2. In-house SAP expert capability
  3. Employee retention
  4. Manage employee skills globally
  5. Return on investment (ROI)

Human Capital Management Overview
high-level functional overview of HR business processes and integration.
SAP HANA – 360° Introduction
develop a broad understanding of all key areas of SAP HANA including technology
Business Processes in Financial Accounting
gain an overview of the fundamental business processes and tasks of Financial Accounting with the SAP ERP application
SAP HANA Modeling
Learn the core capabilities of SAP HANA for modeling
SAP Financials
Learn to identify the key functional areas of the SAP ERP Financials solution overview.
System Administration I for SAP S/4HANA and SAP Business Suite
Learn fundamental knowledge to keep the system will be prepared to carry out administrative tasks for SAP Business Suite as well ...
Cost Center Internal Order Accounting
Learn how to configure cost element, cost center, internal order and set up allocation method
Business Processes in Management Accounting
gain an overview of the fundamental business processes and tasks of Management Accounting with the SAP ERP application
Advanced ABAP
in-depth knowledge of the advanced features in ABAP programming and understand how to apply them practically in your ABAP applications.
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