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UIPATH-RPASAP - SAP Automation with UiPath V3.0


Duration: 1.0 day
SAP Automation with UiPath Studio Certification & Training course v3.0 offers basic knowledge and skills focused on developing and deploying software robots for automating processes of SAP WinGUI application. The course assumes that the student has a working knowledge of SAP WinGUI application and has completed Step into RPA or Introduction to RPA for Business course offered through UiPath Academic Alliance. A student undergoing the course shall develop the competence to automate a defined process in SAP WinGUI application. The course consists of 2.5 hours of theory lessons and two projects (3 hours/project). SAP Automation with UiPath Studio course is available in both Studio and StudioX.


Upon completing the course, students will develop the ability to create basic SAP automation using UiPath Studio/StudioX.


This course is intended for University students who want to design and develop robots to automate processes of SAP WinGUI application.


Theory course is divided into 4 lessons:

  • Lesson 1: Introduction to SAP Automation with UiPath
  • Lesson 2: Setup Environment & Prerequisites
  • Lesson 3: Using SAP Activities
  • Lesson 4: Advanced Techniques


The course comes with two Projects which will help students practice and apply the skills learned in the Theory section of the course. Each Project has a lab manual which includes the use-case description, problem statement, environment pre-requisities, process overview and recommended project development approach. Each project will take 3 hours to complete.

  • Project 1: Purchase Order Creation
  • Project 2: Vendor Invoice Entry


To understand and complete the course successfully, the student must have:

  • Experience of working on SAP WinGUI application
  • Access to SAP WinGUI 7.40 or higher version
  • Completed ‘Step into RPA’ or ‘Introduction to RPA for Business’ course



Scheduled DateCountryLocationFeesRegister
2022-06-10 - 2022-06-10 India Virtual ILT INR 15000

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