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SPLK-SSS8.0 - Implementing Splunk SmartStore 8.0


Duration: 5.0 hours

This 1-virtual day course is designed for the experienced Splunk system administrators. This hands-on class is designed to provide the essential knowledge for deploying and managing Splunk SmartStore.
It covers SmartStore deployment options, cache manager configurations, monitoring, and troubleshooting of SmartStore implementation.


Please refer to course overview




Module 1 - Introduction to Smart Store

  • Benefits of Smart Store
  • Smart Store requirements and restrictions
  • Indexing in Smart Store
  • Searching in Smart Store

Module 2 - Standalone Smart Store Implementation

  • Enabling Smart Store indexes
  • Bootstrapping Smart Store indexes
  • Validating the implementation

Module 3 - Smart Store in Indexer Cluster

  • Implementation differences between deployments
  • Smart Store in an indexer cluster
  • Smart Store migration in indexer clusters

Module 4 - Monitoring and managing Smart Store

  • Monitoring Smart Store
  • Monitoring Smart Store activities
  • Cache manager settings
  • Optimizing eviction policies



  • Splunk Enterprise System Administration
  • Splunk Enterprise Data Administration

Strongly recommended:

  • Troubleshooting Splunk Enterprise
  • Working knowledge of:
  • Linux OS commands
  • Editing files with vi or nano
  • Splunk index life-cycle and bucket transitions
  • Splunk indexer cluster concept



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