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SPLK-INTRODYD - Introduction to Dashboards


Duration: 3.0 hours

This three-hour course is designed for power users who want to learn best practices for building dashboards in the Dashboard Studio. It focuses on dashboard creation, including prototyping, the dashboard definition, layouts types, adding visualizations, and dynamic coloring.


Please refer to course overview.


Knowledge Managers


Topic 1 – Dashboard Framework

  • Describe the dashboard definition
  • Compare classic and dashboard studio dashboards
  • Use dashboard best practices
  • Manage views
  • Use dashboard best practices

Topic 2 – Create a Prototype

  • Describe dashboard workflows
  • Compare layout types
  • Identify layout fields
  • Add visualizations

Topic 3 – Use Dynamic Coloring

  • Describe dynamic coloring
  • Contrast visualization types
  • Set global time range parameters
  • Apply dynamic coloring


Foundational Knowledge:

To be successful, students should have a solid understanding of the following:

  • How Splunk works
  • Creating search queries
  • Knowledge objects
  • Data structure requirements for visualizations



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