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INTHCDF - Integrating Hybrid Clouds with NetApp Data Fabric


Duration: 3 days

In this course, you will learn how to implement a hybrid cloud solution using the NetApp Data Fabric. In the hybrid cloud solution, you learn how to connect hyperscalers and on-premises data centers. You also learn about various NetApp Cloud Data Services, including Cloud Volumes, Cloud Volumes ONTAP, Cloud Sync and Cloud Insights and how they operate in the Data Fabric. You get hands on experience with Cloud Volumes ONTAP, Cloud Sync and Cloud Volumes, as well as with the AWS and Azure clouds.


This course focuses on enabling you to do the following:

  • Describe the Data Fabric vision.
  • Explain the hierarchy and functionality of Cloud Data Services.
  • Describe use cases for Cloud Volumes ONTAP, Cloud Sync and Cloud Volumes Service.
  • Configure an AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and connect it to an on-premises data center using VPN IPSec.
  • Configure an Azure Virtual Network (VNet) and connect it to an on-premises data center using VPN IPSec
  • Leveraging Cloud Central, install OnCommand Cloud Manager (OCCM) to deploy Cloud Volumes ONTAP and to manage and move data in the Data Fabric.
  • Describe Cloud Volumes ONTAP HA functionality.
  • Implement data tiering to AWS S3 for Cloud Volumes ONTAP.
  • Implement Cloud Sync service to enable seamless and secure synchronization of data between on-premises storage and AWS Simple Storage Service (S3).
  • Implement the Cloud Volumes service, including mounting, providing data access, restoring data and using APIs to manage Cloud Volumes


NetApp employees and partners


Module 1: Data Fabric Overview

  • Data fabric
  • Solutions for the hybrid cloud
  • NetApp cloud data services
  • Cloud Volumes ONTAP
  • Cloud Volumes service
  • Cloud sync service
  • Cloud tiering
  • SaaS backup
  • Cloud secure
  • Cloud backup service
  • OnCommand cloud manager
  • APIs
  • NetApp Kubernetes service
  • Cloud insights

Module 2: Amazon Web Services (AWS) Virtual Private Cloud and Connectivity to Other Networks

  • Regions and availability zones
  • VPC
  • Network address translation
  • Security groups
  • AWS storage
  • AWS CloudFormation
  • VPC connectivity to other networks
  • VPN connections

Module 3: NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP

  • Cloud Volumes ONTAP
  • Deploying Cloud Volumes ONTAP by using Cloud Manager

Module 4: Implementing Disaster Recovery by Using NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP

  • Creating data protection relationship
  • SnapMirror destination

Module 5: Azure Virtual Network and Connectivity

  • Geographies
  • VNet
  • Storage
  • AWS vs. Azure

Module 6: NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP Data Tiering

  • Data tiering in AWS and Azure
  • Policies

Module 7: NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP High Availability

  • High availability (HA) of Cloud Volumes ONTAP
  • HA architecture
  • Deploy HA in AWS using OnCommand Cloud Manager

Module 8: Cloud Sync Service

  • Cloud Sync Service overview
  • Data broker
  • Cloud Sync API

Module 9: NetApp Cloud Volumes Service

  • Enterprise class cloud storage
  • Major hyperscalers
  • File services
  • Cloud Volumes service for AWS
  • Configuring service for AWS
  • Cloud Volumes service for Google Cloud Platform
  • Azure NetApp Files


  • Controlling cloud resources with Windows PowerShell
  • Assessing Azure and AWS environments
  • Configuring AWS virtual private cloud resources
  • Operationalizing On-Premises to cloud connectivity
  • Using OnCommand Cloud Manager to deploy Cloud Volumes ONTAP
  • Configuring and managing disaster recovery in the Data Fabric
  • Configuring Azure virtual network to On-Premises VPN connectivity
  • Tiering backup data to Amazon simple storage service
  • Implementing Cloud Volumes ONTAP high availability
  • Synchronizing data from On-premises to Amazon simple storage service
  • Create NFS and CIFS volumes


  • General understanding of AWS architecture
  • Basic computer networking knowledge
  • Cloud Volumes ONTAP Fundamentals
  • ONTAP Cluster Administration and Data Protection Bundle (ONTAP 9.8) (CDOTDP9)


NS0-300 - NetApp Certified Hybrid Cloud Administrator


Scheduled DateCountryLocationFeesRegister
2021-10-18 - 2021-10-20 India Virtual ILT INR 106875
2021-11-22 - 2021-11-24 Singapore Singapore SGD 4000
2021-10-11 - 2021-10-14 Singapore Virtual ILT SGD 4000
2021-11-17 - 2021-11-19 Malaysia Kuala Lumpur MYR 9288
2021-11-22 - 2021-11-24 Australia Virtual ILT USD 2880

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