IHCF - Integrating Hybrid Clouds Foundation

This course describes the features and benefits of the NetApp® Cloud Volumes ONTAP® system. The course helps enable you to explain the architecture and functionality of cloud-based ONTAP storage. Also, the course introduces basic administration, configuration, and management of the Cloud Volumes ONTAP system that uses NetApp BlueXP™(formerly NetApp Cloud Manager).

Duration: 1.0 day

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This course focuses on enabling you to do the following:

  • Summarize the components of a Cloud Volumes ONTAP system.
  • List the deployment topologies and options.
  • Identify the various management methods and interfaces.
  • Distinguish how data is managed in a Cloud Volumes ONTAP system.
  • Distinguish how to add working environments.
  • List the features that can be used to manage or protect Cloud Volumes ONTAP, Azure NetApp Files, NetApp Cloud
  • Volumes Service, Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP, and NetApp ONTAP software resources in a cloud-only or hybrid
  • cloud environment
  • Explain the features and benefits of BlueXP.
  • List the various BlueXP deployment options.
  • Summarize the NetApp cloud service integrations that are available in BlueXP.


Module 1: Introduction to the NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP system

  • Lesson 1: NetApp BlueXP and Cloud Volumes ONTAP
  • Lesson 2: Geographies
  • Lesson 3: Cloud Volumes ONTAP use cases

Module 2: NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP architecture

  • Lesson 1: Disk types and tiering
  • Lesson 2: Storage management
  • Lesson 3: Cloud Volumes ONTAP types

Module 3: Introduction to NetApp BlueXP

  • Lesson 1: NetApp BlueXP

Module 4: How to deploy the NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP system

  • Lesson 1: Deploying the connector
  • Lesson 2: Deploying the Cloud Volumes ONTAP system in AWS
  • Lesson 3: Deploying the Cloud Volumes ONTAP system in Azure
  • Lesson 4: Deploying the Cloud Volumes ONTAP system in Google Cloud

Module 5: Managing the NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP system

  • Lesson 1: Managing the working environment
  • Lesson 2: Using ONTAP System Manager

Module 6: Integrations to protect cloud resources

  • Lesson 1: Integrated data protection
  • Lesson 2: Integrated data protection services
  • Lesson 3: Integrated data privacy services

Module 7: Additional cloud services integrations

  • Lesson 1: Kubernetes
  • Lesson 2: Classification
  • Lesson 3: Tiering
  • Lesson 4: Observability
  • Lesson 5: Edge caching
  • Lesson 6: Cloud operations (CloudOps)
  • Lesson 7: NetApp Active IQ Digital Advisor and discovery
  • Lesson 8: Backup and recovery
  • Lesson 9: Merging NetApp SnapCenter into BlueXP
  • Lesson 10: Remediation


  • Storage administrators of any experience level


Basic knowledge of ONTAP 9 software, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud is recommended.



Course Benefits

  • Career growth
  • Broad Career opportunities
  • Worldwide recognition from leaders
  • Up-to Date technical skills
  • Popular Certification Badges

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