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CIFSAD - ONTAP SMB Administration 9.9


Duration: 2.0 days

This course extends the SMB information that is discussed in the ONTAP Cluster Administration course. Learn how to configure the SMB client for NetApp® ONTAP® 9.9.1 software. Also learn about advanced ONTAP 9 features that support the SMB protocol. The exercises in this course use ONTAP 9.9.1 software.


This course focuses on enabling you to do the following:

· Explain the CIFS and SMB protocols

· List the interfaces that you use to manage NetApp ONTAP software

· Configure SMB features in ONTAP 9 software

· Create and manage SMB shares and sessions

· Configure ONTAP software for multiprotocol data access

· Comprehend advanced SMB topics, such as Group Policy, automatic home shares, symbolic links (symlinks), and wide links


  • Engineers
  • Channel Partners
  • NetApp Customers


Module 1: CIFS Overview

  • Define the CIFS and SMB protocol
  • Discuss NTLM and Kerberos authentication
  • Explain Active Directory and Workgroup environments
  • Describe PowerShell
  • Describe Data ONTAP PowerShell Toolkit

Module 2: SMB Setup

  • Set up a storage system with ONTAP 9 for domain authentication

Module 3: Shares and Sessions

  • List the default shares
  • Display all shares that are available on the storage system
  • Configure a client machine to access a share
  • Identify the CIFS sessions
  • Add, modify, and delete shares

Module 4: Access Control

  • Module Objectives
  • Configure share permissions
  • Describe how to map UNIX users to Windows users
  • Configure multiprotocol in ONTAP 9
  • Describe authentication and authorization for CIFS
  • Describe file blocking policies

Module 5: CIFS Advanced Topics

  • Module Objectives
  • Describe group policy objects in Data ONTAP 9
  • Setup preferred Domain Controllers
  • Discuss NetBIOS aliases
  • Configure workgroup membership
  • Explain CIFS oplocks
  • Discuss BranchCache support in Data ONTAP


  • ONTAP Cluster Administration
  • ONTAP NAS Fundamentals
  • Familiarity with Microsoft Windows Server 2012
  • Familiarity with Microsoft Active Directory


This course is not associated with any certification.


Scheduled DateCountryLocationFeesRegister
2022-11-03 - 2022-11-04 Thailand Virtual ILT THB 56000

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