CATSP - ONTAP Troubleshooting 9.9

In this course, you increase your proficiency as a NetApp® ONTAP® software engineer by learning how to troubleshoot ONTAP environments. Specifically, you learn how to troubleshoot the management component, scale-out networking, NAS protocols (NFS), and SAN protocols. From lectures, demonstrations, and active exercises, you learn how to isolate issues, verify configurations, view logs, view trace messages, and use event management system (EMS) messages for troubleshooting.

Duration: 4.0 days

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Virtual ILT | 23 Jul 2024 - 26 Jul 2024 India
Virtual ILT | 23 Jul 2024 - 26 Jul 2024 Sri Lanka

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  • Identify the different software components in the ONTAP architecture.
  • Analyze the methodologies for troubleshooting management component applications, networks, and protocols.
  • Use troubleshooting workflows to identify failure symptoms, determine potential causes, and resolve issues.
  • Use debugging commands, logs, and tools to identify, isolate, and fix complex technical issues that involve different core components.
  • Analyze the health of a cluster and summarize the results.
  • Identify issues with the management component.
  • Use administrative commands to verify the configuration of NFS and SAN environments.
  • Use the troubleshooting methodology for NAS and SAN protocols to define and isolate issues.
  • Locate logs for the management component, network, NFS, SMB, and iSCSI protocols.
  • Collect data for support cases.


Module 1: Troubleshooting the management host.

  • The management host.
  • RDB concepts: RDB units, RDB quorum,
  • RDB master, epoch, and epsilon
  • Configuration and replication of databases
  • Job manager
  • RDB backup and recovery
  • Non-RDB user-space applications
  • Root volume recovery
  • Tools to triage issues.

Module 2: Troubleshooting cluster networking.

  • ONTAP networking overview
  • Networking and related mhost applications and databases.
  • Networking evolution
  • Cluster session manager
  • Networking troubleshooting tools

Module 3: Troubleshooting network components and security services.

  • Network component
  • SECD
  • SECD troubleshooting.
  • Network component troubleshooting

Module 4: Troubleshooting NFS

  • NFS overview
  • How NFS works in ONTAP
  • ONTAP NFS exports
  • Export related caches
  • NFS troubleshooting.

Module 5: Troubleshooting scalable SAN.

  • SAN architecture
  • Scalable SAN configuration
  • Scalable SAN components
  • Cluster Liveliness Activity Monitor out of quorum
  • SAN troubleshooting


NetApp Technical Support engineers, Support Services Certified partner engineers, and Professional Services engineers


  • A working knowledge of ONTAP software and NAS and SAN protocols
  • ONTAP Cluster Administration



This course is not associated with any Certification.

Course Benefits

  • Career growth
  • Broad Career opportunities
  • Worldwide recognition from leaders
  • Up-to Date technical skills
  • Popular Certification Badges

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