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AOCMCDOT - ONTAP Administration of Active IQ Unified Manager


Duration: 2.0 days
In this course, you discover how to deploy and maintain NetApp® Active IQ® Unified Manager (formerly OnCommand® Unified Manager) and how to pair Unified Manager with the OnCommand Workflow Automation (OnCommand WFA) data management solution. You learn how the performance management features of Unified Manager provide a unified approach to storage management and how that approach reduces complexity. You also learn how to use OnCommand WFA to enhance Unified Manager’s data protection capabilities.


  • Install and maintain a Unified Manager deployment
  • Use Unified Manager to monitor the health and performance of your storage infrastructure
  • Categorize storage objects and implement annotation and group features
  • Configure thresholds, event retention settings, and alerts so that storage issues can be anticipated and quickly identified
  • Explore reporting tools and run reports
  • Pair Unified Manager with OnCommand WFA to manage protection relationships and storage objects in the storage infrastructure
  • Maintain and protect the Unified Manager database


NetApp employees or NetApp partners who are support engineers, Professional Services workers, or Customer Support Services workers


Module 1: Review Unified Manager and NetApp Data Management Products

  • Overview of NetApp Data Management Solutions
  • AIQ Unified Manager
    • Features and Functions
    • Discovery Process
    • Integration with WFA

Module 2: Deploy Unified Manager

  • Installation and Configuration tasks
  • Supported Host Environments
  • Supported Browsers
  • Hardware Requirements
  • Prepare information for install
  • Download software
  • Install Unified Manager
  • Configure initial settings
  • Unified Manager objects
  • Manage users

Module 3: Explore the Unified Manager UI

  • Dashboards
  • Navigation pane
  • Type-ahead search
  • Favorites
  • Column selection
  • Export inventory data
  • Using filters

Module 4: Customize Unified Manager for Your Storage Environment

  • Configure and Customize thresholds
  • Configure events and alerts
  • Managing SAML authentication
  • Annotation and Groups
  • Annotation rules
  • Group rules
  • Group actions
  • When to use annotations vs. groups

Module 5: Monitor Storage Objects

  • Inventory pages
  • Monitor object health
  • Monitor object performance
  • Object pages
  • Protection pages
  • Using Unified Manager Rest APIs for NSLM features

Module 6: Manage Data Protection Relationships

  • WFA features and functions
  • WFA's role in extending DP capabilities in UM
  • Pairing UM with WFA
  • The WFA UI
  • Predefined workflows
  • Executing workflows
  • Protecting data with UM

Module 7: Reporting in UM

  • Understanding reporting in Unified Manager
  • Built-in reports
  • Sharing and scheduling reports
  • Exporting reports
  • Creating custom reports

Module 8: Maintain Unified Manager

  • Protecting the UM database
  • Upgrading UM
  • Extending disk space for the UM database
  • Troubleshooting and Remediation
  • Sending a UM support bundle to NetApp support


  • Review Unified Manager
  • Deploy UM
  • Explore the Unified Manager UI
  • Customize UM for the storage environment
  • Monitor storage objects
  • Manage data protections relationships
  • Reporting in UM
  • Maintain UM


  • ONTAP Cluster Administration (three-day instructor-led course)
  • ONTAP Data Protection Fundamentals (web-based course)



Scheduled DateCountryLocationFeesRegister
2021-12-06 - 2021-12-07 India Virtual ILT INR 67500
2022-05-19 - 2022-05-20 Singapore Virtual ILT SGD 2000

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