9013 - High Impact Presentation

Learn and practice the best method for delivering your message.

The High Impact Presentation Skills Training Program will teach you how to prepare quickly, learn and practice the best method for delivering your message, and maintain audience interest at all times. This is an essential skill that is needed to enhance your managerial skills, create customer satisfaction and develop team synergy.

It gives professionals the tools and confidence to design and deliver a clear and concise business presentation.

The presentation training course is a two- day course, however we will streamline the course to focus on the organization and planning of presentation, practice and provide feedback.

Duration: 2.0

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  • The initial considerations when preparing a presentation
  • The importance of planning a structure of a presentation
  • How to develop and write a presentation
  • To create a dynamic opening
  • How to approach the development of visual aids
  • The interpersonal skills required by effective presenters
  • How to communicate to different audience needs
  • Some common fears of presenters and how to overcome these
  • Delivering team presentations
  • How to use powerful body language


Preparing Your Presentation

  • Setting Your Objectives (Answering the WHY)
  • Knowing Your Audience (Answering the WHO)
  • Building the Structure (Answering the WHAT)

Capturing Attention

  • Defining Your Audience
  • What Can Your Audience Do For You?
  • Can there be two-way communication with an entire audience?

Presentation: First Impressions

  • First impressions last
  • Setting Goal & Objectives: OSRAM- Objective, Speaker, Room, Audience, Message

Making Your Listener Hear You

  • Key Themes
  • Finding Common Ground
  • Key Sentences

Setting manageable content points

  • Performing a needs analysis
  • Writing the basic outline
  • Researching, writing and editing

Conversational Style

  • The Importance of Communication Skills
  • Starting Conversations
  • Developing a Good Conversational Style

The Introduction

  • Four Points to Remember about Introductions
  • The Opening Statement
  • Following the Opening Statement


  • Presentation Visual Design Guide
  • Mastering the PowerPoint Masters
  • Put Some ''Punch'' into Your Presentations - Instantly!
  • Will Technology Improve Your Presentations?
  • Maximizing Your Productivity in PowerPoint
  • What Are Your Visuals Saying About You?
  • Choosing the Right Colours for Your Next Presentation


  • Highlighting or re-cap the points


  • Secrets of A Dynamic Presenter
  • Keys to Being a Unique and Memorable Presenter
  • Delivery Skills: How to Project Confidence and Credibility Every Time!


  • Explore several techniques for adding vocal and visual variety to their presentation.

Handling Questions

  • How to handle questions and awkward audience members.

Body Language

  • Body language
  • The signals you send to others
  • It’s not WHAT you say, it’s HOW you say it

Overcoming Nervousness

  • Preparing mentally
  • Physical relaxation techniques
  • Appearing confident in front of the crowd

Your Personal Action Plan

  • Improvement plan


Any business, organization or individual who wants to improve on their presentation skills by presenting with confidence, presence and style.





This course is not associated with any Certification.

Course Benefits

  • Career growth
  • Broad Career opportunities
  • Worldwide recognition from leaders
  • Up-to Date technical skills
  • Popular Certification Badges

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