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9011 - Effective Productivity Measurement and Improvement


Duration: 2.0 days
Course overview


  • Understand the relationship of quality and productivity 
  • Enhance the understanding of the importance of productivity  
  • Provide guidelines to formulate and determine productivity level in a system and process 
  • Be able to uncover the productivity barrier in an organization 
  • Able to apply basic tools for productivity improvement 


This course is designed for factory supervisors and managers, engineers, line leaders, or any others with need know Productivity Measurement and Improvement. 


Introduction to productivity 

  • History
  • Big “Q”
  • The importance and benefits of productivity 

Basic concepts 

  • Total quality 
  • New management paradigm
  • Integrated performance planning 
  • Drivers towards productivity improvement 

Productivity measurement 

  • How to measure productivity 
  • Categories in productivity measurement 
  • Measurements for labour productivity and machines 
  • Measurements for departments and functions 
  • Strategy-linked measurement 
  • Gainsharing 

Tools and techniques for productivity improvement 

  • Improving productivity by involving your work force 
  • Improvement in cost, quality, delivery and flexibility 
  • Improvement methodology 




This course is not associated with any Certification.


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