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Dell has been a household name in the technology field. Their years of experience and the constant innovation to meet demands and market trends, wins the trust of people, enabling a sustained demand for IT professionals with training and certifications in Dell software. Trainocate offers Dell EMC training courses in Data Science & Big Data Analytics; Backup recovery; Enterprise Storage Networking and ITaaS.

Enterprise Backup Recovery
The course focuses on design considerations for data deduplication, Cloud backup, data archiving, and replication solutions.
Enterprise Storage Networking
EMC-ESN - Enterprise Storage Networking
Establishing Service Management for ITaaS
In this course you will discuss service management business drivers and benefits, apply a practical approach to the phases of the service li ...
Data Science and Big Data Analytics v2
The course provides grounding in basic and advanced analytic methods and an introduction to Big Data analytics technology and tools, includi ...
Advanced Methods in Data Science and Big Data Analytics
This course builds on skills developed in the Data Science and Big Data Analytics course.
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