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A10 Networks makes high-performance products that help organizations accelerate, optimize and secure their applications. Trainocate in collaboration with A10 Networks brings training in Application Delivery Control, ACOS, SSLi and Threat Protection System (TPS). The training is a combination of well laid out content with lab practice focusing on configuration and management of key features.

TPS 3.1
Learn to implementing an effective threat protection system for A10 ACOS deployments in data center environment.
ADC 4.1
Learn how to deploy Layer 4 and 7 virtual servers with associated configuration elements, ompression, caching in A10 - ADC training
System Administration 4.1
Learn to deploy A10 ACOS devices in data center environments in preparation for additional application-oriented implementation in Sys Admin
SSLi 4.1
Implement an effective system to inspect SSL traffic attending SSLi training with Trainocate.
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