Trainocate is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with UiPath. The UiPath is a framework to manage organization digitally using end-to-end automation enabled by the UiPath Platform. The alliance with UiPath will provide training and certification to students or professionals with relevant information about UiPath Platform, to manage the workforce through high-end automation process.

Trainocate believes that such RPA solutions, will improve productivity and efficiency of employees. It is an opportunity for employees to step up and automate their mundane and monotonous tasks. In turn, shift their focus on tasks that help them value-add to the business.

Employees also benefit by developing analytical skills and the speed, at which automation provides, improves customer service both for internal and external clients. Organizations benefit by empowering their employees with future-ready skills, reduce errors and slow turnaround times. 

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About UiPath:

UiPath is a world Leading enterprise automation software company and envisions to deliver a Fully Automated Enterprise. It’s end-to-end platform for automation, combining the leading Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution with a full suite of capabilities enables every organization to rapidly scale digital business operations.

UiPath Learning Partner program and shall delivers flexible, role-based, customized training and certifications in UiPath technologies. All training are delivered through an instructor with valid UCP credentials and the technical and instructional expertise required for instruction. The courses will provide participants with a holistic and structured training experience including preparation guidance for the certification exam. The courses will comprise of lectures, hands-on practice sessions, capstone projects, UiPath software and industry best practices.

Who can learn UiPath:

It is for anyone in a technical role, looking to gain deeper-level expertise in designing and developing complex RPA solutions in the Robotic Enterprise (RE) Framework.

About Trainocate:

Founded in 1995 under the branding of Global Knowledge Asia, TRAINOCATE is one of the most trusted training providers in Asia. The company specializes in training around vendor-specific technologies and certifications, high-end IT solutions, customized content as well as a robust portfolio of business and management skills. TRAINOCATE has a presence in India, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam, Philippines, Srilanka, Australia, and the USA.

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