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RCBDA - Rocheston Certified Big Data Analyst


Duration: 5.0 days
Companies spanning across all industrial domains are experiencing a Big Data Boom! Several databases of digitally stored information and expert knowledge await us. Before the huge wave of digital data turn intimidating, we are saddled with a much-valued responsibility of managing the raw data. With computational powers growing at a spectacular speed, mastering this data-centric world can be challenging as well as fun. Big Data is to Artificial Intelligence what Automation and Robotics is to Internet of Things (IoT). Faster, better, and cost-effective decisions is what makes businesses successful and unique and Big Data technologies such as Hadoop and cloud-based analytics bring significant advantages while making such decisions. Big data analytics enables the organizations to handle a wide variety of data using advanced analytical capabilities including event, predictive and text analytics. These new data processing infrastructures includes faster hardware starting with faster multi-core processors and large memory spaces, to solid-state drives and tiered data storage for handling hot and cold data, to bring significant business growth.


Profile source information and set characteristics
• Determine data trends from data sets, provide accurate data models and code and develop data rules from the analysis
• Execute big data processes such as filtering, text connotation and filtering
• Initiate technical and pricing negotiations with data providers
• Develop solutions for real-time distributed data processing
• Monitor data sources and search for new Big Data predictors
• Conduct cross-functional and design workshops for creating business goals and best work practices


Module 1: Basics of Big Data
Module 2: Concepts of Big Data
Module 3: Big Data frameworks
Module 4: Big Data Platform
Module 5: Infrastructure of Big Data
Module 6: Deep Learning
Module 7: Big Data Business models
Module 8: Understanding relationship between Big data and IoT
Module 9: Entrepreneurship Opportunities with Big Data
Module 10: Big Data Case Studies
Module 11: Ethics of Big data
Module 12: Machine and Deep Learning
Module 13: Artificial Intelligence and Robotics


From business people who need to optimize their business processes & supply  chain delivery cycles, to the HR executives who need to augment their talent acquisition, staff management & company objectives, or the R&D professionals who need to analyze huge amounts of data distributed across different network systems, CBDA is THE one-stop solution.




Certified Big Data Analyst


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