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CCIO - Certified Chief Innovation Officer


Duration: 3.0 days
Innovation has become a crucial factor that determines growth trajectory of organizations across the globe. Those companies which intend to stay at the top of their games understand the need to constantly come up with new strategies to succeed in the long run. But often, many businesses fail because they tend to be risk-aversive and fail to innovate.

In order to effectively overcome these challenges, organizations need to designate a single person in control of all innovation programs in a company to suitably establish uniformity of command. Ideally this person needs to be the master of cross-functional value chain and lead from the front. Thus, creating a job profile that is set to become a major one in the next few years. The Chief Innovation Officers (CIOs) are set to take over the responsibility of ensuring that the companies manage to stay afloat through their innovative and creative strategies.


The CCIO curriculum has been created by subject-matter experts of Rocheston, who have gone through extensive research process to come up with content that is practical and connects perfectly with the current industry scenario. It intends to equip you with ample knowledge to take on the prevailing circumstances at most dynamic organizations with confidence and intelligence, that is necessary to take over the role of CIO. The course acts as a stepping stone for becoming a great CIO, who can turn tables at a dynamic organization with their insights. The CCIO course by Rocheston is a strong foundation for your career as a Chief Innovation Officer


  • Module 1: Innovation Challenges in Education System
  • Module 2: Game Changing Innovations
  • Module 3: Creative Thinking
  • Module 4: Idea Generation
  • Module 5: Design Thinking
  • Module 6: Liberal Arts
  • Module 7: Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Module 8: How to build a startup
  • Module 9: Business Model
  • Module 10: Building Exceptional Brands
  • Module 11: How to Lead with Innovation
  • Module 12: Entrepreneurship
  • Module 13: How to Crowdfund your Startup?
  • Module 14: Monetizing Innovation
  • Module 15: Patenting your Innovation
  • Module 16: Keep it Simple


Anyone who wants to be a part of this changing world, with a desire to get a strong grasp on innovation and work towards excellence is eligible to join the Rocheston’s CCIO program. The Certified Chief Innovation Officer program is aimed at executives and entrepreneurs interested in questioning the rules and challenging the status quo.


A Bachelor’s degree with one year of professional experience or credential in computer science, engineering, mathematics, or other information technology related fields. You will need basic hacking, networking, system administration, and Linux skills.


The exam will be held on the last day of the program. It will review your understanding of the course and test your understanding by means of specific objective questions.
Details about the exam process:

  • Proctored Exam delivered through Pearson
  • Multiple Choice Objective Questions
  • A total of 75 questions
  • Pass Percentage: 70%
  • On passing successfully you will receive the CCIO Welcome Kit
  • Retake Policy - You may retake the exam any time on an additional fee

If you have the relevant experience working as Chief Innovation Officer in your organization then you don't need to attend training or attempt the exam to obtain CCIO certification.


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