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ITIL4-AMCS - ITIL®4 Specialist Acquiring and Managing Cloud Services


Duration: 4.0 days
As the global market for cloud technology and services grows exponentially due to a wide range of associated benefits, adopting cloud technology has become a key strategic focus for organizations across sectors and industries looking to increase and optimize their use of cloud.

Despite these trends, organizations and individuals are often not well-supported during the procurement phase of cloud adoption and lack guidance around how to optimize benefits, both from procurement and the technology itself.

This course provides a practical understanding of how cloud procurement and technology can integrate with and support broader business strategy and functions, regardless of sector, industry, or cloud maturity. It is intended to provide candidates with best practice guidance on how to use the capabilities offered by the cloud to identify and pursue opportunities, manage risks, and achieve desired business outcomes.


On completion of this course, the following learning outcomes will be achieved:
  • Analyze available solutions and potential benefits using a vendor-neutral approach 
  • Effectively identify, select and deliver optimized cloud services 
  • Facilitate value co-creation through successful cloud services procurement and integration whilst applying the ITIL 4 framework 
  • Adopt a customer-focused end-to-end cloud procurement user journey


Key Concepts of Cloud
  • Cloud Customer Journey 
  • Introduction to Cloud and Cloud Solutions 
  • Governance and Shared Responsibilities
Explore: Benefitting from Cloud
  • Cloud’s Role and Strategy 
  • Cloud Strategic Positioning and Scope 
  • Formulating Cloud Strategy 
  • Value, Outcomes, Cost and Risk
Engage: Meeting Cloud Service Providers
  • Understanding CSP Landscapes 
  • Defining Requirements for Cloud 
  • RFI and Proof of Concepts 
  • Conducting Cloud Readiness Assessments 
  • Engaging With Cloud Service Providers 
  • Reviewing Cloud Strategies and Service Requirements
Offer: Selecting the Right Service and Service Providers
  • Minimum ROI Attainment 
  • Request and Reviewing Proposals 
  • ROI of Proposed Cloud Services 
  • Cloud Service Business Case Agree: Negotiating and Planning 
  • Agreeing and Planning Value CoCreation and Cloud Services 
  • Cloud Service Agreements 
  • Shared Responsibility Models 
  • Roles and Responsibilities Map 
  • Charging Models
Onboard: Moving to the Cloud
  • Considerations for Onboarding 
  • Migrating to cloud as part of onboarding 
  • Security and Compliance Considerations


The target audience for this course and qualification are:
  • Individuals continuing their journey or developing knowledge in service management 
  • ITSM managers and aspiring ITSM managers 
  • Cloud architects and consultants 
  • Procurement and managers invoiced in shaping direction and strategy involving cloud services
  • C-level and aspirants


There are no formal prerequisites for this course. ITIL4 Foundation certification is advantageous. Relevant key concepts from the ITIL 4 framework will be covered as part of the syllabus.


Participants of the course who successfully pass the certification examination will be awarded the ITIL Specialist: Acquiring & Managing Cloud Services certificate


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