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ACT81004 - Alibaba Cloud Migration Solutions


Duration: 1.0 day

Alibaba Cloud Migration Solutions" is a course designed to enable Technical Operators, Solution Architectures to master the skills of using different tools and core products of Alibaba Cloud to implement migration from different source like IDC or other cloud providers. The course covers the application migration, structured data, unstructured data migration scenarios and corresponding solutions and recommended tool sets. Regarding each of the different scenarios, it also includes a number of intuitive online labs led by experienced instructor that can help you obtain direct hands-on experience.


  • Be able to have a full understanding of Alibaba Cloud Migration Solutions
  • Know the best practice for migration solution from application to data layer
  • Get hands-on opportunities to operate through Alibaba Cloud console for different migration tools


  • Alibaba Cloud Migration Solutions overview
  • Alibaba Cloud Application Migration Introduction
  • Alibaba Cloud Unstructured Data Migration Introduction
  • Alibaba Cloud Structured Data Migration Introduction
  • Recap and Summary


Cloud Operators, Migration Engineers





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