TRAINOCATE grabs 2019 IT Training Watch List Company by Training Industry, USA

Trainocate seizes IT Training Watch List Company by Training Industry, USA for the year 2019 as well. It is the second consecutive time for Trainocate to be on the Watch list Company by Training Industry after 2018.
Training Industry is a trusted source of information and provide the information, insights and resources needed to more effectively manage the business of learning.
The 2019 IT Training Companies Watch List is intended to help buyers of training services evaluate IT training providers, representing emerging or unique strengths or capabilities. Every year Training Industry lists are developed based on extensive, proprietary research and analysis of companies around the world. They examine the capabilities, experience, and expertise of hundreds of learning organizations. It is a source for an expert resource for learning professionals seeking information about best practices and innovative approaches and create an environment for trust and information-sharing among learning professionals, including those in the learning and development function, and experts from companies serving the training industry.
These awards help us to understand our potential and consistently meet the requirements of our customers and professionals who seek the best Training solutions for their digital transformation.
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