Announcing Strategic Partnership between TRAINOCATE (M) SDN BHD and ROCHESTON

TRAINOCATE Malaysia is pleased to announce strategic partnership with ROCHESTON. Rocheston provides training, certification and accreditation in business standards and help clients improve their organization business practices by defining and implementing innovative accredited compliance program.

Trainocate will work with Rocheston team to provide relevant content and instruction to students in Malaysia for their flagship program called Extreme Hacking® NeXTGENTM that will help them and their companies to thrive in the dynamic and competitive business environment of today.


Rocheston is an innovation company with cutting-edge research and development in emerging technologies such as Cybersecurity, Internet of Things, Big Data and automation. Rocheston’s certification programs are aimed at providing highly advanced training to students, professionals and organizations with the necessary skillsets to deal with the current dynamic global business landscape.

There is a growing need for an equally sophisticated cybersecurity framework with the increased dependence on interconnected cloud technologies. Extreme Hacking® training prepares students for the elite and most sought after RCCE® certification. Rocheston offers two levels of Extreme Hacking® Training. Level 1 covers the foundation of hacking technologies and Level 2 covers advanced futuristic hacking stuff.

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