PERKESO/SOCSO now brings further transformation into their services by providing employment services, a line of hope for Insured Persons with loss of employment to be facilitated to return to work. This services, which is a value add provided to SOCSO contributors also supports Malaysia’s aspiration of becoming a high incomed nation while facilitating the basic human right to be gainfully employed.
Through SOCSO's flagship Return to Work Programme, employment services are provided to Insured Persons with employment injuries or illnesses who are not able to return to their previous employers.
This services is now extended to Insured Persons with loss of employment under the Employment Insurance System (EIS) as provisioned in Section 44 of the Employment Insurance System Act 800.
What makes SOCSO Employment Services unique is the placement approach that is utilized. Using the individual placement support and case management approach, the Employment Service Officer employs a variety of mechanisms in this process. A dedicated
SOCSO Employment Services Officer is responsible to assist the Insured Person by providing career counselling, assisting with job search, channeling potential vacancies, training where there are skill gaps identified and job matching until they are able to obtain gainful employment. Upon return to work, the responsible Employment Services Officer will closely monitor the Insured Person between 3 to 6 months.

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