Why get certified?

12 reasons for seeking training and certification

We live in exciting times to be working in technology. While the words “digital transformation” can sometimes feel overused, we are indeed in a digital era where so much of our technology is dramatically transforming.
Cloud has come from the realm of virtually nonexistent to exerting an influence today upon networking, data center, security, analytics, and virtualization. Cybersecurity, likewise, has become an urgent need in all technology sectors and is constantly evolving in the face of increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks.
And then there’s data center, which has come to play a central role in the business landscape; the Internet of Things, vitally important to our digital lives in its ability to connect a staggering amount of data and devices; and software-defined networking, which has ushered in a sea change in how networks can be managed via automation. But through it all, routing and switching remains a core foundation of knowledge that IT networking professionals can build from in their career adventure.
These vibrant technological developments all coming at once can seem overwhelming— you need to be able to catch the waves of change and ride them smoothly. It’s precisely why we believe that right now is the best time to explore what solid training and certification can do to focus you and help make you a technical superstar in your organization.

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The systematic study of your field via a certification program can help you understand it inside and out so that you are more adapt at attacking technical and business problems at many levels to arrive at a solution.


A good certification program offers discipline and repeated practice—with the structure to help you deeply engrain a skill set, and perform tasks more effectively and efficiently.


With validation goes credibility. Achievement via a strong certification program helps to establish with peers, managers, and customers that you know what you’re doing.


Think of certification as a recognized badge of honor that the rest of the world accepts and buys into.


We don’t mean responsibility as in “obligation”— we mean the ability to take on added responsibility from your employer that will help you grow in your career.


With the knowledge and increased skill gained from certification, and the rewards that accrue to that, comes increased confidence to do the job, which can build even further progress and self-assurance.


All those good things like knowledge, skill, validation, ability to take on added responsibility, and confidence translate to your increased value as a successful performer in the eyes of employers and customers.


A robust certification portfolio allows you to make forays into different technology arenas, using those added skills to enhance your current strengths and discover new interests.


Those who certify and gain new skills and knowledge in the process stand a greater chance of breaking out of possible job silos, taking advantage of cross-functional team roles, and being in better position for exciting career change.


Time and again, we hear that certification is one of those assets that employers automatically look for when it comes time to seek out new talent.


Being certified gets you noticed by your employer, who is more likely to remember your initiative when making decisions about promotion.


As this list demonstrates, there is much more to certification than a fatter paycheck, but with advancement and career progression, more money can follow.

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