Facilities Rental

Facilities (Malaysia)

Room Name Capacity Layout Equipment
Room Japan 8 pax Classroom
  • LCD TV
  • WIFI
  • Projector
  • Whiteboard
Room Malaysia 12 pax Combined 24 pax
Room Singapore 12 pax
Room China 13 pax Classroom
Room Hong Kong 8 Pax Combined 16 pax
Room Taiwan 8 pax
Room India 16 Pax Combined 32 pax
Room Indonesia 16 Pax
Room Thailand 6 pax Classroom
Room Vietnam 6 pax Classroom
Room USA 14 Pax Combined 23 pax
Room Philippines 9 Pax

Terms and conditions

Room Reservation General Requirements

We require at least a valid Purchase Order (PO) to put a temporary hold on the room rental. We then would need a wire transfer payment upon receiving the PO to secure & complete the reservation process.

Our default payment method is wire transfer.

Room Rental Cancellation Policy


Please drop an inquiry to gain further insight on terms & conditions related to various available packages for Facilities in Malaysia.

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