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Trainocate Malaysia offers NetApp’s certifications and training in pathways such as Data Track, Hybrid Cloud Track and Converged Infrastructure Track. Similarly, we also provide a diverse range of training courses, comprising topics such as Data Protection Administration, NetApp Configuration and Administration as well as, the implementation of other softwares - Microsoft, Oracle and AWS on NetApp Data Fabric, to list a few.

We have over 20 years of experience of purveyance of vendor specific and industry in-demand training. Helping organisations create a robust portfolio and achieve their objectives through our tailored certifications and programs delivered via modalities convenient to you such as in classroom, self-paced and virtual instructor led training.

ONTAP 9.7 ONTAP Cluster Administration and Data Protection Bundle
It teaches basic administration tasks of an ONTAP cluster, concepts & techniques for protecting data in ONTAP systems & cloud-based, MetroCl ...
Data ONTAP SAN Implementation
In this workshop, you learn how to connect Windows® and Linux® hosts to NetApp® SANs via FC and iSCSI protocols.
ONTAP 9.7 Data Protection Administration
This course describes some of the key concepts and techniques for protecting data in NetApp ONTAP system.
ONTAP 9.7 Cluster Administration
This course teaches the basic administration tasks of an ONTAP 9.6 cluster. You use the cluster shell and OnCommand System Manager to manage ...
Integrating Hybrid Clouds with NetApp Data Fabric
In this course, you will learn how to implement a hybrid cloud solution using the NetApp Data Fabric. In the hybrid cloud solution, you lear ...
Implementing Microsoft SharePoint Server on NetApp Storage Systems
In this course your will learn how to implement your Microsoft® SharePoint® solution on NetApp storage. You can also examine the components ...
Creating and Customizing Workflows Using OnCommand Workflow Automation
This course shows new storage architects how to use OnCommand® Workflow Automation (OnCommand WFA) to eliminate error-prone manual processes ...
OnCommand Insight: Business Insights
This course helps you to become familiar with some of the most important features of OnCommand Insight relevant to the day-to-day management ...
ONTAP Administration of Active IQ Unified Manager
You learn how the performance management features of Unified Manager provide a unified approach to storage management and how that approach ...