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Fortinet is responsible for securing the networks of some of the biggest corporations, service providers and government organisations around the world. They currently rank number one for shipping the most security appliances around the globe. As more of the world moves online and becomes increasingly interconnected, the role of cybersecurity has also come to the forefront. Trainocate Malaysia provides Fortinet courses comprising a wide range of next gen security and networking functions. Their unique Security Fabric, incorporates Security Processors an intuitive operating system and applied threat intelligence to give you proven security and remarkable performance - addressing the most critical security challenges. Some of the training programs we provide include, FortiAnalyzer, FortiGate Security, FortiWeb, to name a few.

FortiGate Infrastructure
FortiGate Infrastructure (FT-FGT-INF)
FortiGate Security
FT-FGT-SEC - FortiGate Security