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Amazon Web Services (AWS) training and certification from Trainocate Malaysia will help develop the skills you need to design, deploy and operate infrastructure and applications on the AWS cloud platform. In this competitive industry with growing adoption of cloud computing, knowledge of AWS best practices is valuable. AWS certifications show that you possess the skills and technical knowledge to design, deploy and manage applications on the AWS platform. This validation enhances your credibility with an industry-recognized certification with training from the vendor certified top-notch Amazon Instructors (AI’s).

Big Data on AWS
Learn how to build and leverage best practices for big data solutions on AWS and prepare for AWS Certified Data Analytics - Specialty
DevOps Engineering on AWS
Learn how to use the most common DevOps patterns to develop, deploy and maintain applications on AWS.
Architecting on AWS
Using AWS, learn to architect scalable, reliable applications for the cloud.
Developing on AWS
Design and build secure, reliable, and scalable AWS-based applications.
AWS Business Essentials
Learn the business basics of Amazon Web Services.
Migrating to AWS
Learn how to migrate existing workloads to the AWS cloud.
Advanced Architecting on AWS
Learn best practices for complex, secure AWS solutions.
Systems Operations on AWS
Learn to operate highly available and scalable infrastructure on the AWS platform.
AWS Technical Essential
Learn the fundamentals to become more proficient in identifying AWS services so that you can make informed decisions about IT solutions base ...