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Women In Tech will help you improve your fundamental skills to advance your career! It is a chance for tech-savvy women to learn about Microsoft technologies and is the first step toward validating their technical knowledge! These courses are most suited for women with a software development education, a passion for technology, and the desire to become leaders in technology development. Let Trainocate advance your career with courses taught by industry-certified instructors.

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals



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Microsoft 365 Fundamentals



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Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals



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The skills you possess will define you and make you stand out from the crowd. However, the value of a certified learning program provides you with exceptional benefits for your future career prospects. 'Women in Tech' helped these amazing women stay true to their passions and achieve their ambitions.

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Benefits of Microsoft Certification


Get Hired Faster

Certification validates your skills, and employers regularly use certification as a criterion for hiring.

Get Recognized

By building or updating your skills, you can become an indispensable employee or team member.

Get Rewarded

On average, certified employees earn more than those without certification.

Get Promoted

Certification can distinguish you from other professionals and improve your opportunities for advancement.

Women in Tech - Start Pursuing Your Tech Ambitions!

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