Objectives of the program:

  • Capacitating around 1,000 youth to be more employment ready
  • Reduce the present youth-unemployment rate 
  • Direct employment-based training targeting local and foreign jobs
  • Up to 80% of the course fee will be funded.
  • Bridge the gap between ICT Industry and ICT Education
  • Empowered ICT and digital technologies at all levels

Trainocate Job Placement & Scholarship to Target Group :

Trainocate has a job placement mechanism in association with Trainocate Partners & Clients, whereby certified individuals from this proposed program, will be placed in internships and Jobs at Trainocate Partners& Client Organizations. Additionally, selected top scorers form fundamentals will gain scholarship to next Associate level of Microsoft Role-Based Training Pathways.

Training and Selection Methodology: 

Duration per training: 2 Days

Step 1: Conduct a PreTAT
Trainocate Assessment Tool, aimed at assessing an individual’s current skills and knowledge level, related to the concerned training program

Step 2: Categorize batches according to the results
i.e. Batch A- Above 75% ,  Batch B - 50% -74% , Batch C- 0% - 49%

Step 3: Conducting the Role-Based Pathway Trainings
Trainings are conducted by International Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCTs)with multiple years of experience, training Fortune-500 Companies; alongside atri-lingual Moderator (English, Sinhala, Tamil)

Step 4: Conducting PostTATs
Trainocate Assessment Tool, aimed at gauging the knowledge and skills gained from the training.

Step 5: Microsoft Certification Examination Preparation
Upon passing of the PostTATs, individuals will be provided with a 3-hour mock examination, preparing them for the Microsoft Certification Exam.

Step 6: Scholarship
Top scoring individuals will be provided with a scholarship into the next Advanced Role-based Pathway (ARP) Training upon passing of the mock assessment and the Microsoft Certification Examination.

Step 7: Job Placement 
Microsoft Certified Individuals will be guided towards Job Placements with the collaboration of Trainocate Partners and Trainocate Clients, mentioned above.


  • Individuals will be provided with Trainocate Certificate, after successful completion of 3 -hour Trainocate mock examination
  • Individuals will be provided with Microsoft Certificate, after successful completion of Microsoft Certification Examination

Proposed Programs - Microsoft Role Base Training Pathways (Fundamentals)

Payment Structure per Program (Inclusive of Trainocate &Microsoft Examination Fee)

Course Fee per program (all-inclusive) – Rs.15,000/- per student

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