D51020 - Oracle Database 11g: New Features & Change Management Overview

In this course, you are introduced to the key new capabilities of Oracle Database 11g Release 1 and gain an understanding of how to take advantage of them. This course also focuses on Oracle Database 11g Release 1 innovations that enable you to mitigate the chaos that database and application upgrades can cause. You learn about features you can use to record production workloads and then play them back in a test environment so that you can determine and eliminate potential issues before deploying changes to your production environment. The instructor lecture is supported by recorded product demonstrations. By attending this course, you can more effectively realize the positive benefits of database and application upgrades while minimizing the negative side effects.

Learn To:

  • Take advantage of the planned key new capabilities of Oracle Database 11g Release 1
  • Realize the positive benefits of database and application upgrades

Code: d51020

Duration: 1.0 day

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Upon completing this course, the learner will be able to meet these overall objectives:

  • Configure archive log deletion policies
  • Create a snapshot standby database
  • Create a tablespace with encryption for added security
  • Set up and modify Automatic SQL Tuning
  • Perform cluster-wide analysis of performance
  • Gain flexibility in automatic statistics generation
  • Back out data changes using flashback transaction
  • Effectively use SQL Performance Analyzer
  • Use Database Replay
  • Setup and use SQL Plan Manageability
  • Create an incident package to capture diagnostic data
  • Use Online patching


  • Introduction
  • Managing Storage
  • HA: Using the DRA and Flashback
  • HA: RMAN and Data Guard
  • Security: New Features
  • Intelligent Infrastructure
  • Datawarehousing Enhancements
  • Additional Performance Enhancements


  • Data Warehouse Administrator
  • Database Administrators
  • Project Manager
  • Sales Consultants
  • Support Engineer
  • Technical Consultant





This course is not associated with any Certification.


Course Benefits

  • Career growth
  • Broad Career opportunities
  • Worldwide recognition from leaders
  • Up-to Date technical skills
  • Popular Certification Badges

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