035079S - DevOps Professional

DevOps is best known in the field of software services, but its principles are applicable in all contexts where fast delivery of reliable products and services is relevant. DevOps contributes to the success of the overall organisation by facilitating the synergy of Agile development, Service Management and Lean improvement while assuring security and maintaining control in a continuous delivery pipeline.

This EXIN DevOps Professional certification has been designed to give IT professionals background knowledge and understanding of essential DevOps practices. Created as a stepping-stone to the EXIN DevOps Master certification, this certification looks at the Three Ways, the good habits of change control and maintaining security compliance.

The topics covered are:

  • DevOps Adoption

  • The First Way: Flow

  • The Second Way: Feedback

  • The Third Way: Continual Learning and Experimentation

  • Information Security and Change Management

Code: 035079s

Duration: 3.0 days

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The word DevOps is a contraction of ‘Development’ and ‘Operations’. DevOps is a set of best practices that emphasize the collaboration and communication of IT-professionals (developers, operators, and support staff) in the lifecycle of applications and services, leading to:
  • Continuous Integration: merging all developed working copies to a shared mainline several times a day
  • Continuous Deployment: release continuously or as often as possible
  • Continuous Feedback: seek feedback from stakeholders during all lifecycle stages
The DevOps practices covered in this certification are derived from the Three Ways:
  • The First Way is to enable the work to move fast from left to right, from Development to Operations to the customer.
  • The Second Way is to enable feedback to go fast from right to left, from all stakeholders back into the value stream.
  • The Third Way is to enable learning by creating a high-trust culture of experimentation and risk-taking.
  • Moreover, the crucial subjects of security in all stages, and maintaining compliance during change are covered.
  • The certification has been developed in cooperation with experts in the DevOps work field.


Module 1 – Course overview and introduction

Module 2 – DevOps and other frameworks

Module 3 – DevOps adoption

Module 4 – The first way: Flow

Module 5 – The second way: Feedback

Module 6 – The third way: Continual Learning and Experimentation

Module 7 – Group activities and buzz exercises


Although there is no mandatory requirement, ideally candidates should have at least two years professional experience working in Project Management. DevOps Professional is ideal for professionals who are working in a DevOps environment.
This includes:
  • DevOps engineers
  • Agile scrum practitioners
  • Lean IT professionals
  • Software or website developers
  • Project managers.
The above list is a suggestion only; individuals may wish to attend based on their own career aspirations, personal goals or objectives. Delegates may take as few or as many Intermediate qualifications as they require, and to suit their needs.





EXIN DevOps Professional

Course Benefits

  • Career growth
  • Broad Career opportunities
  • Worldwide recognition from leaders
  • Up-to Date technical skills
  • Popular Certification Badges

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